Sunday, March 26, 2006

Prozac withdrawl (evil)

A friend of mine quit prozac cold turkey after 5 months of use. For the first week she felt really psychotic and out of control (this was partially 'coz of the current life situation, not the best time to stop imho...) but has been stabilised since that. Now she feels otherwise fine but she's complaining about this weird "pulses" she feels randomly in her brain. They are hard to describe but they are not painful or don't feel like electric shocks. She tells that they feel like short and sudden shifts in her mood states. She never used to have these before starting prozac. She's only been on 20mg/day.

I'm currently on a high dose (60mg/day) of Cipramil (Celexa in U.S./citalopram). Should I expect similar when quitting. After what happened to my friend I'm more than sure that I'm not gonna do the "turkey".

--------------- -JESSE


  • At 8:08 AM, Anonymous JR Karsten said…


    I've had the same witdrawaleffects when I quit Efexor. This electrical shock thing you discribe can take a while to wear off. My psychiatrist discribed Zanax to overcome these withdrawal effects. It's right, there not painfull and harmless. I used to have it bad when focussing on something new with my Eyes and when turning my head. Hope you do get through

    Regards JR Karsten "Jesse" <> schreef in bericht ...

  • At 10:23 AM, Anonymous GTF said…

    Brain Shocks???????? I've been on Prozac for 5 years (not withdrawal) and experience this weird feeling somewhat often. I've also found that others experience the same. Haven't a clue what it really is but it is not unusual. I find that it occurs mostly at the end of a stressful day. GT


  • At 6:08 PM, Anonymous Thomas Jennerwein said…

    Hi !

    I was addicted to Ecstacy (MDMA) from 16 to 20 and now I am on Prozac 20mg. The brain Shocks you are telling are a common effect when your on Ecstacy withdrawal. XTC is also taking effects in the serotonin level. The first thing when I took first time prozac for my panic disorder was that I get the Ecstacy from the doctor now.

    Sorry for my english

    Greetings from Lake Constance in Austria



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