Friday, March 17, 2006

Worried, Advice/Thoughts on my Headache

Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me out here, Im pretty confused/worried. First some background...I am 27.  I RARELY have headaches, I mean I cant even remember the last few times.   But when I did get headaches, it was usually when I am napping and I get woken up (I dont wake on my own) then I have a headache until I sleep again.  But again this does not happen often.   When I do get headaches, my head throbs, and my left eyeball throbs also.  Thats how it is everytime.

Now on weds (Dec. 11) I was on my way home from work, so I was sleeping on the train, it wasnt a good sleep, I guess I kept waking up...anyway when I got up I had a headache (6pm).  No big deal, like I said I sometimes get it from sleeply weirdly.  When I went to sleep that night at 1am. (still had the headache)

Got up on Thurs (Dec 12) felt fine, watched some tv (I watch from the fl! oor) I got up to get some water, my head throbbed for 2 seconds, no problem, it was a headrush thing.  So I went to the gym around 2:30.   Halfway through my workout, my head started hurting a lot, so I left the gym (3pm) the pain lessened, but I had a headache the rest of the night- until I went to sleep around 12.

Friday I had to go to Jury Duty, but no headache...except when I woke up my head felt tight, like only half of the throbbing...but no pain.  Just a few times during the day when I got up from sitting, my head would hurt for 10 seconds or so.

Now its Sat. my head feels ok...not back to normal yet, but I am going to try the gym later on.

So whats wrong with me?  Like I said, I rarely get headaches, so 3 days in a row is VERY strange/concerning for me.  I did some research, and heres what I thought:

1. Low blood sugar - perhaps, but on Weds/Thurs, I did eat during that time and still had a headache. 2. Not breath! ing while working out - could be, I usually hold my breathe a bit, bu t that has NEVER affected me before. 3. Low blood pressure - I had my pressure checked at my annual checkup last year and it was fine, but would that cause a headache for 6 hours (weds) and 9 hours? (thurs) 4. Migrine - well supposedly migraines have pain in 1 eye (my left eyeball), but I did not feel nauseous, or have any flashes of light. 5. Tension headache - this week has been pretty stress free. 6. Getting sick - well its been 4 days now, no sneezing/coughing/sore throat.  I have no allergies that I know of.

The ONLY two things I can think of...I have not listened to a walkman for years now, I just got one and listened to it on the way to and from work on Weds, and while working out on thurs.  But I dont know how that would be the cause, since I did not get a headache on the way to work. I last smoked a cigarette on Sunday (Dec 1) could it be withdrawal?  I dont usually suffer from withdrawal when I last quit, and would it really hit me ! almost 2 weeks after?

Any thoughts?  Thanks -Tony