Sunday, March 26, 2006

Prozac withdrawl (evil)

A friend of mine quit prozac cold turkey after 5 months of use. For the first week she felt really psychotic and out of control (this was partially 'coz of the current life situation, not the best time to stop imho...) but has been stabilised since that. Now she feels otherwise fine but she's complaining about this weird "pulses" she feels randomly in her brain. They are hard to describe but they are not painful or don't feel like electric shocks. She tells that they feel like short and sudden shifts in her mood states. She never used to have these before starting prozac. She's only been on 20mg/day.

I'm currently on a high dose (60mg/day) of Cipramil (Celexa in U.S./citalopram). Should I expect similar when quitting. After what happened to my friend I'm more than sure that I'm not gonna do the "turkey".

--------------- -JESSE