Monday, March 27, 2006

OPEN POST - research on liver dumping

I've tried to find out information on liver dumps, and there's a lot out there.  In fact, this free fatty acid metabolism issue is seemingly at the core of diabetes, meaning it could be a cause, and if we have a starting point for where diabetes develops, then there could be a cure.

That's what I want.  A cure.  I don't want to be told that if I wasn't such a bad person eating wrong foods, I wouldn't be fat and I wouldn't be diabetic.  There are fat sedentary people out there who don't develop hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance.  There are also very thin people who have a problem with fat reserves that develop insulin resistance.  I also don't want just a control --- I demand a cure.  The pharmaceutical industry is making billions off of diabetes.  Why would they want a cure for this condition? Case in point -- Multiple! Sclerosis.  One pharmaceutical company was proven to be hiring off researchers looking for a cure, putting them on the payroll and then refusing to let them continue their research.

I think if there is a cure developed, it will have to be by diabetics themselves becoming fed up with traditional approaches to their disease.  The traditional measures aren't working.  Invariably, T2 diabetics become more and more sick as time goes by whether they 'control' their diabetes or not.

Anybody recall the movie 'Lorenzo's Oil'?  That condition was also caused by fatty acid metabolic disease.  It was cured through diet alone too, and the family, not physicians, found the correct oil supplement which stopped the destruction.

I invite anyone here to continue the research with me to find the cure, to ask the questions, to demand the answers.

I, for one, and I don't give a damn whether this is controversial, am taking myself off glybu! ride.  I don't need more insulin.  I will continue to take Avandia because it addresses the liver dumping and cells insulin resistance.  I believe that to put more insulin in my body will cause this disease to progress.  I'm eating more often to try and calm this over-excited liver of mine.  My pancreas isn't the issue as it is in Type One Diabetes.

Bonita --- who is tired of pat answers and boilerplates