Thursday, March 30, 2006

AK E-3 Spkr paint; Successful brown wrinkle match

I've got an Atwater Kent E-3 speaker and the base was unquestionably painted gold from the factory.  It's even gold between the base/spkr housing. It's kind of gawdy- is this a common paint job?  The spkr housing is the usual dark brown wrinkle.

Also I been able to perfectly match the dark brown AK wrinkle paint (the 40's, 44's, etc)- Eastwood black wrinkle spray paint #1230- it MUST BE KEPT WARM FOR THE FIRST HOUR- I USED A HEAT GUN; and when dry, an overspray with a diluted mix of semi-gloss black enamel, Rustoleum "leather brown", and paint thinnner. The overspray requires an airbrush. Comments?  -Pete O.